Friday, August 31, 2007

What Would Jesus Invest In?

According to the bible, we already know how Jesus felt about moneychangers in a house of worship but what investments would Jesus possibly deem acceptable and suitable in today's society?

Residential Real Estate
A residential dwelling is a good place for a family to live in and a good thing for a family to own. A home can be the foundation and centerpiece for a family unit and family values. A good home can create a stable environment for the family members, the surrounding neighborhood, the town or city and the country as a whole.

Commercial Real Estate
Commercial real estate can be a boon to commerce and the local community. It can generate local and convenient marketplaces for vendors and consumers, can house businesses in a community, can create jobs on a local level - for construction workers, electricians and, of course, carpenters. Commercial real estate is a critical and fundamental component of successful local community development.

Savings Accounts, Savings Bonds, CD's, etc.
It is good to save some money and put it away for a rainy day; for into each life some rain must fall. And putting your savings in a secure financial institution is safer than keeping it under your mattress.

Yes, the stock market is the bastion of capitalism, and capitalism these days is feared and hated around the world and by liberals here at home. Upon further examination here is what we will also find: in fact, the stock market is an excellent and efficient way for small, medium and large companies to acquire expansion capital. With the additional capital these enterprises can create new jobs, new products and more new tax revenues for the society.

An individual or other investing entity can purchase common stock shares of a company, and, in doing so, legally becomes an actual owner of that company, with voting rights regarding the affairs of that company. And an individual may even choose the specific company or companies he or she wishes to invest in. If an investor is a devout socially conscious person if they so desire they can even choose to invest in companies involved in alternate energy, environmentally beneficial products and services or invest in other politically correct fields.

Whatever the investor chooses to invest in, if the investment becomes successful and profitable, he or she can then choose to help those who need help, their less fortunate brothers and sisters, by donating the profits they make to a house of worship, a charity or other organization of their choice.

What Would Jesus Invest In?
Jesus most probably would not invest at all. After all, He would need no money (I'm sure His earthly needs would be provided for), would accumulate no wealth, have no investable funds, and thus would probably not be interested in financial investments of any kind.

But I don't believe that Jesus would mind if we mortals, as we go forth and multiply, make some good, solid, productive investments along the way.

Alan Korber is a successful investor and creator of the Korber Strategy, a simple and successful stock investment strategy for returns of 50%-100% annualized, published online at