Saturday, October 6, 2007

Mens Skin Care Products

A while ago, men had to steal a bit of our wives, girlfriends or even sisters face cleanser or moisturizer. Of course we know it wasn't because we like to put on make up or play dress up. It's because we want to look good, clean and attractive for women. However, now a days companies are finally starting to respond to men's interest in skin care and today we have a variety of men skin care products on the market. Statistics show that just in the United States, men spend more than 4 billion dollars per year on grooming products.

I know some of you guys may still me tempted to just use whatevers in the bathroom mirror cabinet, but you have to realize that a man's skin and woman's skin is very different. The mens skin care products made today are designed specifically for men and our skin.

A man's skin is about 20 percent thicker than woman's, and its a lot more firm than hers because we have more collagen and elastin. Unfortunately, men have more active sebaceous glands; this means our skin tends to be oilier. Also, due to regular shaving, men's facial skin tends to get dehydrated.

While taking care of your skin sounds girlish, it'll actually get you more attention from the ladies because youre taking care of your appearance and more specifically your facial skin. Trust me, good skin doesn't go unnoticed. So it's time to stock up on some quality men skin care products and you can get these babies either online or at most local stores. Below I picked out some moisturizers for men that I would recommend. Remember, all of these products where mad for men and theres nothing girly going on here.

-Zirh Protect: Face Moisturizer
This is the ultimate environmental defense lotion for your face. It contains an effective moisturizer that leaves no oily film, improves your skins texture and slows your skins aging. Unlike many face lotions that contain mineral oil which may cause acne, this moisturizer will give you no problems.

-Brave Soldier: Brave Face
Brave Face immediately soothes, cools, and reduces irritation and redness after shaving. Healing botanicals such as soy amino acids and marine extracts helps enrich and stimulate your skins own natural balance. Personally, I use this moisturizer all the time after shaving and it really does what it says.

-Sharps Barber & Shop Daily: Prep Skin Tuning Lotion
This super hi-tech lotion has a controlled release system that delivers all day moisture without the greases. The company strives to a modern approach to the traditional barbershop, getting guys all cleaned up and ready for action.

-Jack Black: Line Smoother Face Moisturizer
This ultra-lightweight moisturizer helps fight the signs of aging. Natural fruit acids and vitamins help minimize fine lines, wrinkles and skin discoloration by gently sloughing off the top layer of skin, revealing younger, smoother skin beneath. The formula soaks in fast, with no greasy after feel. My favorite feature is that it's fragrance free and colorant free.

-Men Science: Advanced Face Lotion
This high-performance moisturizer, formulated with advanced water binding agents and skin refining ingredients, helps renew and restore your complexion while nurturing and protecting it. The ultra light, oil-free formula absorbs immediately and is by far one of my favorite light lotions.

There are tons of quality mens skin care products on the market today. I would suggest that you try various products, so you can see which is best for your type of skin. Of course this doesn't mean skin care has to be your lifes priority, remember that this only takes up a couple of minutes after your shower and the benefits, such as getting more attention for girls, are definitely worth it.

Joqtan A. is an expert writer for Mens Skin Care Products. A site concentrating on men skin care tips, advice and product reviews for men of all skin colors.