Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Your House Is Your Biggest Investment Do You Really Just Want a Loan Advisor?

A Loan Officer may be able to help you qualify for a loan. Is that really what you want? When you consider that your home is your biggest investment shouldn't it be part of an Entire Investment Plan?

Most people don't look at their house as part of their overall financial plan. That is a huge mistake especially when you consider that for most people a house will be the biggest investment they ever make. When the house is integrated into an overall financial plan it by a qualified financial Advisor magic happens.

When you are young and starting out your only concern may be just to get the mortgage that will allow you to qualify for that house. Back in 1985 when I bought my first house I actually had a 40 year ARM because that was the only way I could qualify for a house. A few years later after my second daughter was born I didn't nearly have enough life insurance or emergency savings but I just couldn't afford it.

Wow if I knew then what I know now. Today most people can lower their mortgage payment by about 40% with a power option ARM. That 40% savings can be used for many things. For a young family it can be used for Life Insurance and an Emergency fund. For the older couple it can be used to help build a retirement nest egg.

A loan advisor would never be able to tell you all that. A Good financial advisor would be able to help you use your house as an integral part of your total financial plan

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