Thursday, September 27, 2007

Trading Industry Sees Repeat of May 6, 1954 this Thursday (Sept 14)

An effort by a single person can sometimes change the world.

On May, 1954, Roger Bannister broke the four-minute mile, and in doing so, he removed the barrier that had been in place for decades: the belief that it was not possible for a human to run the mile in under four minutes. The belief had been supported by the medical community with studies and evidence that the human body had physical limitations and that this was all the better humans could do. The claim was further supported by the many efforts of world-class runners that failed. Even the best of the best just couldn't seem to beat the mark.

What had been holding all the runners of the world back was not a physical limitation. It was a mental obstacle that kept everyone from achieving that elusive goal. Because everyone believed that it was impossible, numerous attempts fell short.

In a single day, Roger Bannister opened the minds of people around the world to believe that anything is possible, in spite of substantial evidence to the contrary. Once it had been accomplished, the four-minute mark was soon surpassed by many.

There has been a similar phenomena occuring over decades in the trading industry. The failure rate has been at 90% for new traders, even with the advances of technology and efforts of numerous people to affect that number. Despite the efforts and tools available to traders these days, there has been a barrier just like that of the four-minute mile.

Thousands of traders struggle with the challenge of survival in trading, wondering why they can't seem to make money. Most eventually suffer the "financial death" that is quite common and leaves empty accounts strewn across the markets.

This Thursday is September 14th and marks the First Annual "Improving the Success Rate Day" in the trading world. Trading veterans, brokers, and tens of thousands of traders are coming together for the revealing of the obstacle that has held traders back for all these years. The obstacle that traders face is unfortunately not simply a matter of belief. It is a combination of factors that affect the trader mentally and emotionally.

As Trading Veteran Mark McRae has stated, "Too many traders think that the system or method is the be all and end all of trading. There simply isn't enough attention to the psychology of trading and the correct approach that needs to be adopted."

Just like Roger Bannister did for the runners of the world with running, the "Improving the Success Rate Day" is doing for the traders of the world and the trading industry. The barrier, the mental obstacle that is holding everyone back will be revealed.

This Thursday, September 14th, 2006 tens of thousands of traders are going to break through their own four-minute barrier and improve the success rate around the trading world.

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