Saturday, September 29, 2007

A Guide to Forex Courses

For anyone interested in forex trading, education is essential. There are many online forex courses. There are home-study programs, seminars, webinars, books, DVDs, free demo accounts and more. In fact, with all the information that is out there, it would be silly to begin trading without first educating.

Some of the best sites will, in fact, offer a complete package of forex trading courses that will take the beginners, who know little or nothing about forex trading, and teach them everything they need to know to become successful forex traders. In the home study forex courses, students learn vocabulary and types of orders. They learn to read forex charts, an important part of successful trading. The online forex trading courses teach investors to grow their accounts by determining market direction. Online mentoring provides access to a professional trader and one on one tutoring. A two day on-site forex course sometimes the program to reinforce everything learned.

Other interesting and helpful services that most online forex trading platforms offer is the demo account. The demo accounts are like a mini forex trading courses that will help new investors learn to trade quickly. These accounts are set up to work like a regular account, but the trades are not real. With no risk, you can learn to place orders and set stops, watch your profit increase (or your loss) as you watch exchange rates changing. These accounts also include charts with live streaming information. It is still wise to choose one of the many forex courses available, but when used along with a demo account (you usually get a 30 day trial) everything makes a lot more sense.

There are many books written on the subject of forex trading, but most of these focus on forex strategy. Before you can plan a trading strategy, you need to learn how to trade. Forex trading courses are far superior to reading a book.

It is commonly stated that 90-95% of all new traders lose their initial investment in the three to six months following their first trade. Sometimes even seasoned investors lose focus or forget to change their trading plan when indicators call for it and lose big.

Forex courses are no guarantee of big profits, but professionals agree that education reduces risk in an already risky market.

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