Sunday, September 16, 2007

Become Financially Whole!

I was watching Suze Orman with my wife today. A woman called in who is trying to reestablish credit after a prior bankruptcy. She told Suze that she had gone to a restore your credit seminar where the speaker taught the audience to get two secured credit cards. Secured credit cards are where you go to a bank and give them something like $500.00 and they give you a credit card with a $500.00 limit (or whatever you plop down to secure the whole deal).

The woman wanted Suzes advice because after she ran the limit up on both cards she was downsized and the only work she could find paid a lower salary. She told Suze she could not pay the cards because she was now paid a lower salary and was late on one of the cards already. Suze told her that there was absolutely no advice she could offer the woman and hung up.

Why do you think she would say this? I mean the woman could go get another job. She could get a loan from a family member or a friend. So why would Suze say this?

Well, Suze said that as long as the woman blamed her financial problems on external problems that she would be stuck. This is completely in line with what I told you in my last e-mail about forgiveness. Suze was really vague (as usual) but let me give you concrete concepts that you can apply in your daily life so you never end up like the woman in the financial train wreck who called in to Suze.

We only have two emotions; fear or love. Fear really sucks because it causes ALL of the problems in our life like sickness, death, poverty, bad luck, and soured relationships with other minds. In our financial lives fear causes debt.

On the other hand love is really great because it causes all of the good in our lives like, health, wealth, and abundance of every kind. In our financial lives love allows us to achieve financial freedom in great part through elimination of debt because if you come from a love based thought system you will sagely recognizes that you dont need a lot of crap our modern day you gotta have this society waves in your face.

The truth is that many (if not most) super rich people are also super miserable because of all of the fear in their minds that someone is going to take it all away! The trick is to become rich AND happily content. The super rich that have achieved this have come to recognize that the most valuable thing in their life is something that nobody can take from them without their consent; peace of mind!

We wouldnt be in this nut case world if each of us did not have some fear in our minds. This would make you a super stock investor in the stock market. So if the trick to achieving everlasting peace of mind is erasing all fear from our minds then is there a where the rubber hits the road practical method that acts like a fear eraser? The answer is a resounding yes!

The practical method that will lead you to peace of mind is true forgiveness that I alluded to in the last e-mail. The Course In Miracles, as long as the darn thing is, really just teaches you how to forgive and nothing else. Once you erase the crap in your mind (which is really just fear) your life will transform your life in ways that will seem unbelievable because your interpretation of your life experience will change. Most importantly your financial luck will change as well. Remember always that we are minds not bodies. We are the dreamer not the dreamed and as such we can reset the rules through he application of forgiveness in our daily lives and become whole instead of fragmented by fear!

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