Saturday, September 22, 2007

11 Top Stress Busters in Pregnant Women (Part 1 of 2)

You have been waiting for a long time to get pregnant. You feel so happy with this and want to take care of this pregnancy very carefully. One of the most important things a pregnant woman should avoid is stress. Therefore, you need to discover the ways to stay out of the things that can cause stress during this important time in your life.

If you find out that stress is affecting you, you need stress busters. Remember to get plenty of rest, drink plenty of water and take some you time out of each day. You can also:

1. Cash in your vacation time

Or take an extended weekend just to refresh and recharge your batteries. Having time to walk along the beach or play golf or even to stay inside and read a great book without interruptions can help us recharge our batteries. When the baby comes, your number one job is to be Mom. So, you will not have much time for yourself, at least not in the beginning when the baby depends on you for everything. When you are refreshed, you are more effective and productive anyway. You will also be easier to get along with, and it will be easier for you to deal with others (even the difficult ones!).

2. Read a good book!

Reading magazines, novels and non-fiction books are very relaxing for many of us. We all need time to think and relax, so get a library card or a frequent buyer card at a favorite bookstore and stock up on good reads.

Book clubs are also a great place to meet other adultsyou will need a haven of supporting friends once the baby comes, so cultivate friendships and carve out a niche in groups now.

3. Treat yourself to a prenatal massage

or deluxe pedicure at one of your areas finer spas. As you start to get bigger, and your breasts become tender and your ankles are swollen, nothing will sound better to you than a long massage. Just make sure you let your masseuse know you are pregnant, especially if you are not showing, since he/she will need to know in order to serve you best.

If you cannot afford to spare the time or extra money, however, ask your spouse to give you a nice massage and foot rub. He might even paint your toe nails if you ask nicely!

You can also indulge in a long, relaxing bath soak with some sweet smelling bubble bath, which you can find at any bath specialty or discount store. It is absolutely necessary to take time to pamper yourself, since you will be busy, busy, busy after your bundle of joy arrives.

4. Exercise, but dont overdo it

Take a brisk walk through a scenic park or even around a shopping mall. Walking is great exercise that will not cause you to over exert yourself. Of course, you should also drink plenty of water and stay well-hydrated, especially if you are walking outdoors or in humid areas. And never go into woods or desolate areas alone.

Exercise can help you strengthen your muscles, which makes labor easier. Further, exercise helps you get your stamina and energy levels upwhich will be necessary once baby arrives.

You might also enroll in a water aerobics class, which is relaxing and can also prepare you for labor. Just dont get into any hot tubsthats not good for you or the baby.

Exercise also helps you clear your head and relieves stress. Additionally, if you are used to exercising, it will make it all the easier to lose your baby weight after the birth of your child.

5. Meditate or pray

Turning to a higher power is very beneficial in feeling like you are not alone. Take time to ask for blessings and to be thankful for the gifts which have been bestowed upon you.

Also, do not be afraid to be brutally honest; what you say or think is strictly between you and the higher power. And, if you need to revel in a good cry every now and then, go for it. Crying is physically good for you from time to time, because it allows you to eliminate old worries, fears and stresses.

6. Volunteer!

Helping others is a big stress reliever, so whether you are tutoring underprivileged children or walking dogs at a local humane society, you are releasing stress. Helping others gets your mind off your own troubles and allows you to see that things could be worse. You also get the chance to be thankful for the opportunity to assist others when you volunteer (someone who gives of themselves will most likely see that kindness returned).

Whatever you decide to do, you will love the feeling you get from helping others, either people or animals. It is very reinvigorating to know that small efforts can lead to big results. ** This article will be continued at Part 2: 11 Top Stress Busters in Pregnant Women (Part 2 of 2). **

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