Thursday, August 30, 2007

Arbitrage Trading or E-currency E-currency?

If you are reading this you most be wondering what way is better to make money E-currency Exchange or Arbitrage Trading?

Lets first look at how both systems work, and if these systems will still be around in 5 years or so.

Arbitrage Trading Is and unknown way to make money on the Internet. Very few people know little or no information about arbitrage trading. So can you make money? Yes you can. Arbitrage Trading makes money by placing trades on arbs that are created when two different bookies disagree on the same sporting event.

When you get two bookies that disagree on a sporting event this makes and arb. If you where to place money on this arb you would win the trade. This is how arbitrage trading works. This is 100% legal and can be done anywhere in the world.

Now will arbitrage trading be around for a long period of time? Yes arbitrage trading will be around as long as there are sports. Arbitrage Trading will never die and go away.

E-currency Exchange This is also unknown to many people. E-currency exchange works by investing a small amount of money into the e-currency system. Each day your money is compounded making 3 to 5% each day. People who have started off with and investment of only $200 have be able to turn there small investment into $1000 in just a moths time. Using this system has changed many peoples lives.

Will e-currency be around in 5 years or so? Everyone I asked is unsure of how long e-currency exchange will last. Some say it will be around forever. Right now the system is still running but a little slow. This in my eyes means the system is falling apart. Now I still invested money into e-currency and I have made money from it.

I also invested money into arbitrage trading. If I had to pick between the two systems of making money I would bet on arbitrage trading. Although its newer then e-currency it seems to me that it's more stable and will be around for years to come. E-currency exchange on the other hand is not looking so hot. One month the system is flying and the next month the system is a running a little slow.

In the end I choose to work with both systems. I have thought about pulling out of e-currency and going solo on arbitrage trading. Well just have to wait it out and see how e-currency does compared to arbitrage trading.

I use both e-currency and arbitrage trading to make money working out of my house. Today I can say that these two money making systmes have changed my life for the good. I recommened this programs to anyone and everyone. Visit Arbitrage Trading for more information on e-currency and arbitrage trading.